The Perfect Christmas Gift

Our skins are the perfect addition to any pair of Beats by Dre Solo HD’s or Beats by Dre Studio’s. By simply peeling and applying, our skins can completely transform your ordinary pair of Beats by Dre headphones into your own unique set.

Use one of or a combination of our skins in order to customise / customize your headphones to however you please. We have a variety of colours in carbon, leather and brushed metal textured skins that allow for an infinite amount of possible combinations.

With our skins starting from only £12 and additional skins costing just £8, they make for the perfect christmas gift for all Beats Army family and friends. At such a small cost why not?

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The New Faces of Beats by Dre

In Beats by Dre’s new advertising campaign we meet the latest ambassadors for the headphone giants.  In the attached video you will see Kylie and Kendall Jenner bouncing up and down rocking their own Beats by Dre’s accompanied by the hashtag #SoloSelfie

Kendall has been causing a major buzz in the entertainment industry recently and it is no surprise why the sisters have been chosen to endorse such a prestigious brand.

What do you think about  the pairing?

Customise your Beats by Dre’s this Christmas

With a wide range of skins available for as little as £12 why not give yourself, your friends and your family a brand new look to their Beats by Dre headphones.

We have a variety of colours available in carbon, leather and brushed metal textures available for Beats by Dre Studio’s and Beats by Dre Solo’s. Get Creative.

Why not create your own christmas themed pair of customised headphones by using our green and red skins?

Soon To Come

We at Fix Up Headphones are planning to create monthly competitions where you the customers are able to win prizes by sending in a picture of your customised / customized Beats by Dre’s. By using a combination of our skins you can come up with your own unique pair of Beats headphones. With so many possible variations even we haven’t seen them all, so come up with something new and original and you could be a winner.

For some inspiration, here are some we have produced…

customised beats by dre - customized beats by dre

customised beats by dre - customized beats by dre

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